parallel processing

Positional cueing, string location variability, and letter-in-string identification

In three Experiments we measured accuracy in identifying a single letter among a string of five briefly presented consonants followed by a post-mask. The position of the to-be-identified letter was either indicated by an ordinal cue (e.g., position …

The sentence superiority effect in the reading brain

A word is better recognized when presented in a grammatical sequence of words (e.g., within a sentence) than when presented in an ungrammatical sequence of words. This sentence superiority effect was recently demonstrated in a series of behavioral …

Activation of syntax-sensitive structures in the reading brain

Presentation about MEG results at Psychonomics 2020.

Parafoveal-on-foveal repetition effects in sentence reading: A co-registered eye-tracking and electroencephalogram study

When reading, can the next word in the sentence (word n + 1) influence how you read the word you are currently looking at (word n)? Serial models of sentence reading state that this generally should not be the case, whereas parallel models predict …

Parallel processing in reading

How can we understand reading as a parallel rather than serial process?